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florida avocado


baby florida avocado trees planted from seed fruit by 7-10 years with huge sweet fruits that dwarf the size and taste of other large varieties. absolutely delicious. high in potassium and essential fats. perfect for summer salads and sandwiches. very prolific, sometimes upwards of 500 fruits per season. fruits from june to october, depending on rainfall. leaf mulch maintained at base of tree crucial for tree health, fruit productivity, and longevity.

there is no need to be afraid of fruit trees grown from seed. i planted our florida avocado from seed 15 years ago. she starting giving us fruit in the 7th year.  my actual avocado tree, planted from seed, is shown in our photo here.

avacado fruit trees from seed will do as well or even better than grafted varieties. plants from seed must first mature (7-10 years) before they fruit.  a tree's success is in the soil: if you don't rake thoroughly under the tree, and allow most of the tree's own fallen leaves to blanket the soil, you will be guaranteed a prolific and healthy tree.

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