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black elderberry trees


during the middle ages, folklore had it that the peasants and people who were too poor to buy food but rather foraged for food in the forests were spared many diseases, most notably the plague. many of these poor people included the elderberry in their diets, making breads, cakes, drinks and wines from the ripe deep purple  berries. in addition, they used the leaves and flowers in teas.

because the plague was a virus, and because she lost her grandmothers to a 20th century flu epidemic, world-renowned Israeli virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu started researching if elderberry was protective against other viruses, specifically the flu. her results were startling, and a highly potent black elderberry extract, Sambucol, was born.

Leaf Mulch Lady is proud to offer this remarkable medicinal plant to our customers. the black elderberry tree grows from 8-20 feet tall, with beautiful white flowers that produce hard green berries that ripen to a deep purple/black. it is those deep purple/black ripe berries that contain the famous and remarkable anti-viral properties.

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